Can a Penguin really repair an iPhone (or even use one)?

Many people believe that some animals are smarter than humans. On this blog, of course all about penguins, we ask the theoretical question: “can a penguin really make an iPhone repair?” Yes, our buddy down in San Diego thinks so (probably because he had a pet penguin growing up, but is it really possible?

Before you stop and say “no” immediately, take into consideration a few factors.

First, penguins are incredible intelligent and resilient animals. If you’ve ever seen March of the Penguins, you’ll know how absolutely amazing their species is.  They live in unbelievable circumstances. Take into consideration the Arctic conditions – it’s below zero for most of the year, when they are trying to have new baby penguins. The dads sit on the eggs for months and months while the moms go out in search of food for months. They all huddle together to survive, and their species is just absolutely all about teamwork and working together.

They are all about resiliency too. Their species continues to grow even as they are continually hunted. They refine their skills and make sure that every member is able to thrive.

That being said, is it feasible to teach a penguin to repair, or even use an Iphone? And even though they may be intellectually intelligent enough to do it, they are (unfortunately) not (yet) physically capable of making it happen, mostly because they don’t have possible thumbs. That being said, you might be able to have these strange birds communicate one day via iPhone if you brought the phone up close enough to them. haha.

So that’s all we really wanted to write on for today, just something silly and simple – nothing too heavy. We hope you enjoyed the article and please stay tuned for more articles in the future. We have a ton of thoughts about penguins and many more interesting articles that will tickle your brains a bit!