Can a Penguin really repair an iPhone (or even use one)?

Many people believe that some animals are smarter than humans. On this blog, of course all about penguins, we ask the theoretical question: “can a penguin really make an iPhone repair?” Yes, our buddy down in San Diego thinks so (probably because he had a pet penguin growing up, but is it really possible?

Before you stop and say “no” immediately, take into consideration a few factors.

First, penguins are incredible intelligent and resilient animals. If you’ve ever seen March of the Penguins, you’ll know how absolutely amazing their species is.  They live in unbelievable circumstances. Take into consideration the Arctic conditions – it’s below zero for most of the year, when they are trying to have new baby penguins. The dads sit on the eggs for months and months while the moms go out in search of food for months. They all huddle together to survive, and their species is just absolutely all about teamwork and working together.

They are all about resiliency too. Their species continues to grow even as they are continually hunted. They refine their skills and make sure that every member is able to thrive.

That being said, is it feasible to teach a penguin to repair, or even use an Iphone? And even though they may be intellectually intelligent enough to do it, they are (unfortunately) not (yet) physically capable of making it happen, mostly because they don’t have possible thumbs. That being said, you might be able to have these strange birds communicate one day via iPhone if you brought the phone up close enough to them. haha.

So that’s all we really wanted to write on for today, just something silly and simple – nothing too heavy. We hope you enjoyed the article and please stay tuned for more articles in the future. We have a ton of thoughts about penguins and many more interesting articles that will tickle your brains a bit!


Penguins in Sacramento


We are back with one more amazing and fun post for our amazing fans. We would like to talk to you today about seeing penguins in Sacramento California. What we mean by this is at the Sacramento zoo they have penguins.  Sacramento is a place that has a very amazing zoo. There are many different animals of all different species that are really amazing. They are all beautiful and friendly, but the best animal that is at the two is the penguin.  The penguin is the most interesting animal in the world because it is a bird that swims. And the best thing about the Sacramento zoo is it has one of the biggest penguin sanctuaries in the world. This penguin habitat literally has over four  hundred penguins in it. That is the fifth largest sanctuary in the world and it is truly a sight for sore eyes.  We met some amazing people while we were in the Sacramento zoo.  For example, our friends over at roofing Sacramento CA are huge penguin lovers as well and we met them at the Sacramento zoo. In addition to them, there were a bunch of other awesome people that we met that were true penguin lovers. We all shared something in common, and that was taking care of these precious little creatures. There is nothing  more beautiful than a penguin and society needs to do a better job of taking care of them. The best thing we love about the Sacramento zoo is that they take amazing care of their penguins there. They want it to feel  like an atmosphere where the Penguins belong. When we saw the looks on those penguins faces, we could tell that they were 100% satisfied with the spa they were in. Most of them didn’t even know where they were, they thought it was complete and natural.

The Sacramento zoo makes sure to feed their penguins every day and it gives them a nice cozy place to sleep. We went behind the scenes to see what the living conditions were like for the Penguins where the tourists couldn’t see and each one got its own heated little room to sleep in. They fed their  Penguins with only the highest quality of fish as well. We have never seen anybody take such care of penguins. We are very glad that there are people out there like these zoo staff that truly have a heart for animals. It is people like this that will help keep  The penguin race from going extinct.

A brief history lesson about penguins

A big hi to all of our voile viewers of this amazing blog! We are coming back to you today with another awesome post about penguins. Today we are going to be talking to you about something different than what we have been covering in the past. In the last few days we have been going over a lot of posts that have been about  how we need to save penguins from going extinct. Today we want to take the topic to a different point though and just talk about some basic history of penguins to give you some facts about them.

That’s start, penguins were a species of bird that are very ancient. They have been around for the past 180,000 years and have predecessors that date back millions of years previous as well. The penguin comes from a more ancient bird  from 20 million years ago that was something similar. The only difference was that these ancient birds were about 10 times the size. So you could only imagine just how big they were.  Penguins have been around for a long time and are one of the oldest living species of bird on this whole entire planet.

We have learned a lot from studying penguins in the past 100 years. We learned a lot about how to stay warm because of what penguins naturally have on their body. The Penguins for is almost like you wearing an expensive made warm coat. They are indeed be in the mood that we got the idea of having a coat from. There was a famous explorer from Europe that went over to aunt arctica by accident and he saw a penguin and then studied it. He then saw how they kept warm I basically have a new jacket. He then had the idea of creating something that humans could use just like penguins. The unfortunate thing is that he started killing penguins to get their coats and start making real coats for people.

One fun fact about penguins

Have you ever wondered why they call penguins birds even though they cannot fly. Will penguins still have the name of the bird because they have an abnormally she ate beak on their head. That gives them an attribute of what a normal bird has. They call penguins the bird to see because they are that quite literally! Penguins are some of the best swimmers on this planet and they can dive hundreds of feet to go catch fish and food for their families. Penguins are really quite amazing creatures and we recommend that you visit aunt arctica soon so that you can study these awesome creatures for yourself.

The near extinction of the Emperor penguin

Welcome back to penguin Central and we would like to open with stating that we will be talking about emperor penguins today! Going into more detail, we will be specifically talking about how emperor penguins are slowly but surely going extinct.
The Emperor penguin is truly an elegant animal. Unlike any other penguin, the emperor has a different color set then everyone else. What this does is it makes this penguin a target for hunters more so than any normal penguin. The death rates of the Emperor penguin have risen dramatically in the past five years and it is an epidemic that is constantly trending upwards. This is something that is very wrong because this is the most precious type of penguin there is because of the rarity of one. Emperor penguins do not come around every day and they are very hard to find, so that means they are very limited. If we keep killing them off, within the next few years there are not going to be any more to see. The reason that people porch these animals is that they have a tremendously high value. Since their coats has the yellow on it people can sell their fur for thousands of dollars. We are not going to lie, it is a very good way to make yourself a nice living, but is a very wrong way to do it. We need to put a stop to these poachers because they do not realize how precious of an animal kisses and that they are putting them out of extinct. Poachers just can’t see past the fact of making a little coin though. This is something that we see as very sad because how could somebody not recognize the beauty of one of these amazing creatures?

Wildlife preserve or’s are working around-the-clock to make sure that they are protecting these animals and that the perpetrators meaning the poachers get very harsh consequences for their actions. In the last five years the Emperor penguin population has gone down to just under 1000. About five years ago the population of those penguins was about 5000. That means these animals have decreased over 80% since 2011. We need to get as much people together as we can to help us start a movement to save the Emperor penguin. This species is the king when it comes to Penguins and the regular ones look up to this guy as a leader. If penguins don’t have a leader, what are they going to do? They are probably going to go in some sort of shock because they are used to being guided on what to do. If the leader dies, then The rest of the Penguins brains will go haywire because they are so used to being told what to do.

There are many reasons why emperor penguins need to be saved. Those are just a few of the facts as to why we should not hunt them anymore. If these animals go extinct we are going to lose a very important piece of history, so if you see somebody trying to catch one please put a stop to it immediately!

If you would like to know more on the life of emperor penguins, then we recommend that you go check out to look at a documentary of one.

How a mama penguin takes care of its kids

We are back at it again with another post for you guys  up here and quick. One thing we want to let you know is that we will be posting new articles every day so you want to stay in the loop with what we are doing on the daily.

Look at this video of a mother taking care of its child!

our topic of discussion for today will be about mother penguins taking care of their kids. There is nothing like how a mother penguin treats its child.  We have never seen so much love even from humans to their kids. I has a penguin is growing up the mother constantly watches over it making sure that it is warm, and fed, etc. They will rub their own bodies around the penguin in the middle of a blizzard and risk their life to keep their babies warm.

They will rub their own bodies around the penguin in the middle of a blizzard and risk their life to keep their babies warm. One big thing that the mother pain when does during the winter season is that while the baby is trying to survive the mother will give up all his food supply for the little penguinette.  What the mother does is throughout the other seasons it spends time eating as much food as it can to gain as much weight as possible so that the babies can feed off of her for the whole winter. That’s why often times you will see penguins that are very fat because by the end of the winter time they will have lost so much weight it’ll be like they almost died.

The mother pain when is literally willing to give up its life for its child. Do you realize what their purpose in life is and that is to take care of the future male penguins that are going to meet with female penguins and make more babies. Is just complete  instinct that the mother just automatically knows how to care for its baby penguin. Hank, we can’t even get mothers in real society to take care of her kids for even a day. Most people just get pregnant and then put their baby up for adoption.  Now that is not something that is true love.

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Welcome to penguin paddlers

This is a new website that is all about penguins. Penguin paddlers we love penguins. We are a group of penguin enthusiasts that come from all over the world. We wanted to create this blog because we wanted to educate people on the importance of the existence of penguins. Penguins are a species of bird that is been going extinct slowly over the last hundred years. With the  rise in demand of penguin meet, people are poaching off many of them to do so. Doing such practices is highly illegal and will get you landed in prison. If the poaching does not stop within the next few years all of the Penguins are going to go extinct. Such beautiful creatures and we would never want something so terrible to happen to any of them. So if you’re ever in the Arctic can you see somebody killing penguins, make sure to stop them or find a way to let somebody know who can stop them.

We named this blog penguin paddlers because  we sell special surfboard surfboards  and windows are bought all of the proceeds go to the fight to saving penguins. Come and join the team and become a penguin paddler with the rest of us. We are always excepting new people to join the fight and help save this dying race. Penguins are essential to human life. They actually help keep global warming down to a minimum. We have learned a lot from Penguins of how to stay warm in the winter.

Many of our posts will be about penguins in general. There are so many awesome facts about penguins that people need to know.  So if you’re looking for a blog that is going to give you all the information on penguins you want as well as new ideas to help save these beautiful creatures then you should follow us.

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