Welcome to penguin paddlers

This is a new website that is all about penguins. Penguin paddlers we love penguins. We are a group of penguin enthusiasts that come from all over the world. We wanted to create this blog because we wanted to educate people on the importance of the existence of penguins. Penguins are a species of bird that is been going extinct slowly over the last hundred years. With the  rise in demand of penguin meet, people are poaching off many of them to do so. Doing such practices is highly illegal and will get you landed in prison. If the poaching does not stop within the next few years all of the Penguins are going to go extinct. Such beautiful creatures and we would never want something so terrible to happen to any of them. So if you’re ever in the Arctic can you see somebody killing penguins, make sure to stop them or find a way to let somebody know who can stop them.

We named this blog penguin paddlers because  we sell special surfboard surfboards  and windows are bought all of the proceeds go to the fight to saving penguins. Come and join the team and become a penguin paddler with the rest of us. We are always excepting new people to join the fight and help save this dying race. Penguins are essential to human life. They actually help keep global warming down to a minimum. We have learned a lot from Penguins of how to stay warm in the winter.

Many of our posts will be about penguins in general. There are so many awesome facts about penguins that people need to know.  So if you’re looking for a blog that is going to give you all the information on penguins you want as well as new ideas to help save these beautiful creatures then you should follow us.

If you want to get to know us a little more go ahead and check out our about page.