The near extinction of the Emperor penguin

Welcome back to penguin Central and we would like to open with stating that we will be talking about emperor penguins today! Going into more detail, we will be specifically talking about how emperor penguins are slowly but surely going extinct.
The Emperor penguin is truly an elegant animal. Unlike any other penguin, the emperor has a different color set then everyone else. What this does is it makes this penguin a target for hunters more so than any normal penguin. The death rates of the Emperor penguin have risen dramatically in the past five years and it is an epidemic that is constantly trending upwards. This is something that is very wrong because this is the most precious type of penguin there is because of the rarity of one. Emperor penguins do not come around every day and they are very hard to find, so that means they are very limited. If we keep killing them off, within the next few years there are not going to be any more to see. The reason that people porch these animals is that they have a tremendously high value. Since their coats has the yellow on it people can sell their fur for thousands of dollars. We are not going to lie, it is a very good way to make yourself a nice living, but is a very wrong way to do it. We need to put a stop to these poachers because they do not realize how precious of an animal kisses and that they are putting them out of extinct. Poachers just can’t see past the fact of making a little coin though. This is something that we see as very sad because how could somebody not recognize the beauty of one of these amazing creatures?

Wildlife preserve or’s are working around-the-clock to make sure that they are protecting these animals and that the perpetrators meaning the poachers get very harsh consequences for their actions. In the last five years the Emperor penguin population has gone down to just under 1000. About five years ago the population of those penguins was about 5000. That means these animals have decreased over 80% since 2011. We need to get as much people together as we can to help us start a movement to save the Emperor penguin. This species is the king when it comes to Penguins and the regular ones look up to this guy as a leader. If penguins don’t have a leader, what are they going to do? They are probably going to go in some sort of shock because they are used to being guided on what to do. If the leader dies, then The rest of the Penguins brains will go haywire because they are so used to being told what to do.

There are many reasons why emperor penguins need to be saved. Those are just a few of the facts as to why we should not hunt them anymore. If these animals go extinct we are going to lose a very important piece of history, so if you see somebody trying to catch one please put a stop to it immediately!

If you would like to know more on the life of emperor penguins, then we recommend that you go check out to look at a documentary of one.