How a mama penguin takes care of its kids

We are back at it again with another post for you guys  up here and quick. One thing we want to let you know is that we will be posting new articles every day so you want to stay in the loop with what we are doing on the daily.

Look at this video of a mother taking care of its child!

our topic of discussion for today will be about mother penguins taking care of their kids. There is nothing like how a mother penguin treats its child.  We have never seen so much love even from humans to their kids. I has a penguin is growing up the mother constantly watches over it making sure that it is warm, and fed, etc. They will rub their own bodies around the penguin in the middle of a blizzard and risk their life to keep their babies warm.

They will rub their own bodies around the penguin in the middle of a blizzard and risk their life to keep their babies warm. One big thing that the mother pain when does during the winter season is that while the baby is trying to survive the mother will give up all his food supply for the little penguinette.  What the mother does is throughout the other seasons it spends time eating as much food as it can to gain as much weight as possible so that the babies can feed off of her for the whole winter. That’s why often times you will see penguins that are very fat because by the end of the winter time they will have lost so much weight it’ll be like they almost died.

The mother pain when is literally willing to give up its life for its child. Do you realize what their purpose in life is and that is to take care of the future male penguins that are going to meet with female penguins and make more babies. Is just complete  instinct that the mother just automatically knows how to care for its baby penguin. Hank, we can’t even get mothers in real society to take care of her kids for even a day. Most people just get pregnant and then put their baby up for adoption.  Now that is not something that is true love.

For this beautiful occurrence to keep happening between mother penguin and kid penguin, we need to make sure we save the Penguins that are going extinct right now. Like we said in the last post we had in this blog, penguins are rapidly going extinct due to all the poaching for their special coats.  Poaching is something that is highly illegal in every single country because this is the hunting of animals that are not supposed to be hunted. If you see somebody that is poaching a penguin, please make sure to let authorities know as soon as possible so that the perpetrators can get dealt with in the right way. It is because of these money hungry crazed lunatic’s that  all of these amazing species of animals are pretty much going extinct.

Before we wrap up all we want to say is that we hope that you were able to listen to the message in this post that we had today. For a quick recap that is that a mother giving life to its child penguin is a very beautiful occurrence and we need to make sure we do everything in our power to keep that  process going on throughout the rest of history.