A brief history lesson about penguins

A big hi to all of our voile viewers of this amazing blog! We are coming back to you today with another awesome post about penguins. Today we are going to be talking to you about something different than what we have been covering in the past. In the last few days we have been going over a lot of posts that have been about  how we need to save penguins from going extinct. Today we want to take the topic to a different point though and just talk about some basic history of penguins to give you some facts about them.

That’s start, penguins were a species of bird that are very ancient. They have been around for the past 180,000 years and have predecessors that date back millions of years previous as well. The penguin comes from a more ancient bird  from 20 million years ago that was something similar. The only difference was that these ancient birds were about 10 times the size. So you could only imagine just how big they were.  Penguins have been around for a long time and are one of the oldest living species of bird on this whole entire planet.

We have learned a lot from studying penguins in the past 100 years. We learned a lot about how to stay warm because of what penguins naturally have on their body. The Penguins for is almost like you wearing an expensive made warm coat. They are indeed be in the mood that we got the idea of having a coat from. There was a famous explorer from Europe that went over to aunt arctica by accident and he saw a penguin and then studied it. He then saw how they kept warm I basically have a new jacket. He then had the idea of creating something that humans could use just like penguins. The unfortunate thing is that he started killing penguins to get their coats and start making real coats for people.

One fun fact about penguins

Have you ever wondered why they call penguins birds even though they cannot fly. Will penguins still have the name of the bird because they have an abnormally she ate beak on their head. That gives them an attribute of what a normal bird has. They call penguins the bird to see because they are that quite literally! Penguins are some of the best swimmers on this planet and they can dive hundreds of feet to go catch fish and food for their families. Penguins are really quite amazing creatures and we recommend that you visit aunt arctica soon so that you can study these awesome creatures for yourself.